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Social Enterprise

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In July 2017 we successfully launched our Rogers Fire Nuggets social enterprise at the Scouts Canada National Jamboree in Elderbank, Nova Scotia.  We were overwhelmed with the response and interest from the various scouting groups across the country in using Rogers Fire Nuggets as a fundraising idea!  Following this, we have been inspired to launch Rogers Fire Nuggets to winter users at the International Snowmobile Congress in Halifax, Nova Scotia, during June 2018.  Throughout, the response has been encouraging to say the least.  Groups and individuals everywhere are seeing the multi-dimensional benefits of getting on board with Rogers Fire Nuggets! 

What is next?

We now have the interest of two community groups who wish to engage their group members in the production of Rogers Fire Nuggets as a supported employment opportunity.  And we are now ready to accept bulk pre-orders.  Please submit your bulk pre-order now using this convenient order form.  We can accept payment through PayPal, and after receiving your order will forward an invoice directly to you by email.

Please contact us to request your free sample or to learn how you can use Rogers Fire Nuggets as a lucrative fundraising opportunity or a way to provide this essential safety item to every member of your recreational/sporting group.

Please subscribe to our email list to keep up to date on all exciting announcements up to the fall 2018 initial production date.

Why social enterprise?

At Make A Change Canada we are always looking for ways to bring a beneficial return to Canadian society and broaden labour market opportunities for those who want to work but have little opportunity.

Through our Rogers Fire Nuggets social enterprise, we can offer another level of opportunity to those who wish to work and gain a feeling of purpose, connection, and meaning.

In concert with the business community, donors, and supporters, and through the participation of individual Canadians who purchase Rogers Fire Nuggets, Make A Change Canada is creating meaningful job opportunities for all Canadians.  Please contact us to enquire, or to express your interest in being a part of this important initiative.

Doug Tardif, Make A Change Canada Team Leader (left), and John Rogers, Inventor of Rogers Fire Nuggets (right), during the Scouts Canada Annual Jamboree in Elderbank, Nova Scotia