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Make A Change Canada is a federally incorporated nonprofit organization with charitable status. We are the pioneer in providing online and supportive career-related programming for people facing barriers to employment. Our services are available online across Canada.

Our mandate is:

  • to provide employment and skills training to people facing barriers to employment, including: individuals living with a disability or chronic health issue, youth, stay-at-home and single parents, older workers, Indigenous Peoples, new Canadians, members of the LGBTQ+ communities, and individuals living in rural or remote areas; and
  • to conduct research for the development of programs in the areas of employment and entrepreneurship, leadership, and distance learning.


Make A Change Canada develops and delivers online training, programs, and mentorship to anyone facing barriers to employment. We are a hub for job seekers, employers, and partner agencies seeking to empower themselves or others to realize their full economic, social, and human potential.


We will be the e-services destination of choice for Canadians facing barriers to employment. We will be known for compassion, collaboration, and innovation in everything we do.


  • Caring
    Make A Change Canada embraces a culture of caring. Wherever growth or expansion takes us, attention to the individual circumstances of our clients and colleagues will remain within the DNA of our organization.
  • Hope
    Our clients experience a wide range of barriers to finding or maintaining employment. We serve youth, stay-at-home and single parents, Indigenous Peoples, LGBTQ+ communities, and people with disabilities, to name a few. Whatever barrier our clients face, we provide hope.
  • Strength in Diversity
    It is our varying backgrounds, beliefs, and talents that define our organizational character. By embracing diversity, we broaden our individual perspectives and continue to evolve and grow as an organization.
  • Growth and Innovation
    Each day brings new opportunities along with unexpected challenges. Make A Change Canada works to seek out, explore, and adopt the latest technologies and innovations to enrich our virtual workplace and enhance the overall success of our clients.
  • Community
    Our online and supportive community fosters an environment where everyone has the opportunity to build a greater sense of connection and thrive. As a team and organization we grow and develop in parallel with our clients in this community space. This is a shared journey.