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Six Key Strategies for Creating an ATS-friendly Cover Letter

You are applying for the perfect job, and you have every confidence that you’ve got your résumé optimized for the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs). You have followed all the rules to beat the bots and have included those important keywords. But you are probably wondering about your cover letter and whether it also needs to be ATS-optimized.

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Seven Key Strategies for Creating an ATS-friendly Résumé

You find the perfect job posting, create a beautifully designed résumé, follow all the instructions for applying, and even apply early! Yet, much to your surprise, you never receive a call for an interview and are left wondering why you were overlooked.

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The Dream vs. Reality: Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Self-employed

If you are considering self-employment, there are many ways to strike out on your own so you can experience what it is like to own your own business without taking a big risk. One popular option is to take on work as a freelancer as a side job or “gig.” Even someone who offers wedding photography on weekends would be considered self-employed, at least on a part-time basis. Starting small can help you explore self-employment before jumping headfirst into a larger endeavour.

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Three Business Cases to Highlight the Common Reasons for Choosing Self-employment as a Career Path

Are you considering self-employment as your career path? Most people dream of becoming self-employed and believe it is the ideal career path. When they imagine being self-employed, they may see themselves living a life of leisure, having power and influence, and earning a higher income. But does self-employment really promise these things?

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How to Approach Your Job Search in Five Simple Steps

There is more than one reason why someone could be searching for work. The most common reason is they find themselves unemployed and need to find viable work. Other job seekers may already be employed but want to find a job that better suits their skills and education.

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Your Career Vision and Values, and Why This Matters

When deciding on a possible career change, whether you are considering employment or self-employment, most of us focus only on the end result. However, this can prevent you from examining two aspects that are critical to career planning: your career vision and your career values, both of which will help create a clear direction for your future.

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