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Qui sommes-nous

(Disponible en anglais seulement)

Make A Change Canada is an accredited, federally incorporated nonprofit organization with charitable status. Our mission is to provide persons with disabilities and those facing other challenges to employment the skills they need to thrive in today’s competitive job market. By delivering employment, self-employment, and technical skills training programs, Make A Change Canada is empowering others to realize their full potential.

Founded in 2005 as the Canadian Society for Social Development, we rebranded as Make A Change Canada during our 10th year to better reflect the nature of the services we provide and clients we assist.

Among those we help are members of the Aboriginal community, youth, adult learners in remote areas, those who identify as LGBTQ, stay-at-home parents, people with disabilities and chronic health issues, and others facing obstacles to employment.

Through research, collaboration, and thought innovation, Make A Change Canada strives to be the leading provider of online training programs for Canadians in need. Our programs feature flexible learning environments, which are available online across Canada and accessible from the convenience of your own home.