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Financial Support (to help more Canadians from coast to coast realize their full potential)

Moving into 2018-2019, Make A Change Canada needs your support more than ever. The support we receive from donors is truly the life-blood of our organization. Without your support, Make A Change Canada is unable to provide the essential specialized programs and services that provide hope and a viable option for those facing challenges to employment.

Think about someone you know personally, or perhaps know about, who is currently facing a barrier to employment. This person may have a disability that prevents them from commuting to work without facing unbearable pain and struggle, a stay-at-home mother who needs to care and provide for her family, a member of an Indigenous community who does not have the same employment opportunities that most do, or an adult living in a rural or remote area who is unable to make a daily commute.  Your support means that these groups have an option.  Your support means that Make A Change Canada will be there.



Find reward in helping a Canadian in need.

If you, too, believe that a strong and healthy community is one in which Canadians feel supported, empowered, valued, and heard, you can have a profound impact by clicking this donation link and supporting Make A Change Canada. Thank you for your generosity and commitment!

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