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Make A Change Canada is seeking new volunteer board members.

Based in Nelson, B.C., Make A Change Canada is a registered Canadian charity and is one of just over 250 charities and nonprofits in Canada accredited under the Imagine Canada Standards Program. We are the pioneer in providing online employment, self-employment, and skills training to Canadians facing barriers to employment. Our programs are delivered online and at the national level. To date we have served over 3,000 individuals from across Canada, helping them to realize their full potential.

Make A Change Canada is governed by a volunteer board of directors that gives their time and talent to provide strategic guidance and oversight to the organization. To complement the existing board of directors’ background, the board is currently seeking members throughout Canada able to contribute their skills, experience, and expertise for the benefit of the organization and the individuals we serve.

Nominees for board positions shall:

  • Be in support of the beliefs and ideology of Make A Change Canada,
  • Have or be willing to obtain business vehicle insurance coverage supporting their role as director of a board if they are required to travel on board business,
  • Commit to a minimum of four regularly scheduled board meetings of three hours each per year (held online),
  • Be willing to travel to meetings, if required,
  • Be available via internet and/or phone for regular or special meetings,
  • Be willing to participate on a committee and/or in an executive role,
  • Not have been involved in partisan politics within the last three years and be willing to avoid partisan political activities for their full term where those activities could jeopardize the well-being of the organization,
  • Not currently have a business contract with Make A Change Canada nor plan to seek one during their full term, and
  • Not be an immediate family member of or married to (including common law partners) a current serving member of the board.

Make A Change Canada is committed to providing all members of the board with an appropriate orientation to the organization and their role as directors, to ensure all board members are effectively engaged and able to make a valuable contribution.

To be considered for membership, please forward your CV/résumé along with a completed Board Member Application Form by email to chair [at] makeachangecanada.com. Successful candidates will gain valuable board experience and an opportunity to build their network, competencies, and skills collaborating in a national and charitable organization. All nominations to the board will be vetted by the sitting board.

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Make A Change Canada board of directors.