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April to June 2020

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Our spring webinar schedule is now available!  Please join us online in GoToTraining for this series of interactive sessions.  Anyone is welcome to attend, free of charge.

For further information please email webinars [at] makeachangecanada.com or phone 1-888-9-ASPIRE (1-888-927-7473), Ext. 702.

To register, please sign up for the sessions listed below.

NEW! The Virtual Informational Interview: How to Grow Your Network During Social Isolation
Tara Thom Burnett, Employment Facilitator
Tuesday, April 14 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific (2:00 p.m. Eastern)

One of the fastest ways to secure employment is by networking and accessing the hidden job market. This usually means getting out and meeting people in person. How can you continue to work toward your employment goals during the COVID-19 crisis, while maintaining physical distance? This session will introduce the virtual informational interview, a tool that can maximize your job search and networking efforts–even while self-isolating. Tara will demonstrate how you can prepare for the interview, what questions to ask, and how to find new connections online. By conducting informational interviews virtually, you can continue to pursue job leads, explore different occupations, and practice your face-to-face networking skills, all from the comfort of home!

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NEW! Working and Parenting from Home: How to Navigate this “New Normal”
Louise Doyle
, Business Advisor
Tuesday, April 21 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific (2:00 p.m. Eastern)
With offices and schools closed indefinitely due to COVID-19, many now find themselves both working from home and caring for their children. Whether you are a new home-based worker, or were already working remotely as an employee or a self-employed entrepreneur, you will appreciate that many distractions come with being based at home full time. Your days now involve keeping your children busy with learning activities, keeping them safe and healthy, and remaining productive at work—all while staying calm, cool, and collected. In this session Louise will show you how to maintain your balance, your bottom line, and your peace of mind. You will come away from this session with insights you can apply every day to create a better work-life balance. Register today!

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JOIN! Connection in Crisis: Finding Support Through Make A Change Canada
with Make A Change Canada Team Members
Thursday, April 23 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific (2:00 p.m. Eastern)
Our special live information forum on April 23 will provide an opportunity for our program participants and graduates to connect and learn more about Make A Change Canada. We remain fully operational through the continued online delivery of our virtual programs. We are committed to supporting you in your career aspirations while we all work to flatten the curve of COVID-19. Bring your questions, connect with others, and discover what our team members are doing to help support you during this unprecedented time. Please note that due to the interactive nature of this webinar and information shared, this webinar will not be recorded. We encourage you to sign up and attend this session.

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NEW! Digital Moderation: How to Stay Productive During the COVID-19 Crisis
Chantal Orr
, Business Advisor
Tuesday, April 28 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific (2:00 p.m. Eastern)
We’ve all experienced it. We’ve got an important project at work and are doing our best to stay focused, but the constant stream of alerts and messages sent by our digital devices creates a huge distraction. The volume of digital information coming our way is even greater during times of crisis, like the current pandemic we are experiencing. Is there a way to rise above this noise and become more productive? Is it possible to manage our digital consumption and build a healthy relationship with technology? Is multi-tasking part of the solution or the problem? In this webinar Chantal will explore these questions and offer simple techniques to help you remain focused and productive during these uncertain and challenging times. Sign-up today!

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NEW! Changing Directions: How to Set Goals and Plan for New Realities
Doug Tardif
, Business Advisor
Tuesday, May 5 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific (2:00 p.m. Eastern)
We normally set goals at the beginning of the year. This is usually the time we make resolutions and look at the path we have set out for the coming year. However, due to our busy lives our plans often become idle or even forgotten. The global pandemic we are all experiencing has changed all this. Now more than ever we have the opportunity to re-examine our plans for the future and transform our actions to prosper in this uncharted environment. Please join Doug for a guided tour on how to evaluate the current situation and identify strategies for this “new normal.”

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GUEST SPEAKER! Strengthening Personal Resilience During Complex Times
Jeanie Paterson
, Professional Coach
Tuesday, May 26 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific (2:00 p.m. Eastern)
Are you searching for positive strategies to keep your spirits and momentum up during these times of rapid change and uncertainty? If the answer is ‘Yes,’ then participating in this personal resilience webinar may be very timely for you. Now more than ever you need innovative approaches and solutions for navigating the ongoing change we seem to face every day. The key is to be able to thrive versus just survive, by exploring creative ways to maintain positivity and momentum. In this session Jeanie will introduce one highly effective approach to sustaining a positive mindset, which is to cultivate and strengthen your personal resilience. Please join Jeanie to explore key strategies for fostering an ongoing state of personal resilience that supports thriving during these complex times. Register today!

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GUEST SPEAKER! Maximizing Your Personal Finances Through Your Business
Bradley Roulston, Entrepreneur
Tuesday, June 2 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific (2:00 p.m. Eastern)

We all want to have enough money for our personal lives. In this session Bradley Roulston will show you how to separate your personal from your business affairs. You will learn about Bradley’s innovative financial backpack and discover what tax opportunities and write-offs await. At the time he received his licence as a certified financial planner, Bradley was the youngest in Canada to do so, and he was the first to receive the Financial Planners Standards Council Fellowship award, a lifetime achievement award in providing financial literacy. We are pleased to welcome Bradley in for this special session. Don’t miss this one!

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