May 2020

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Tara Thom Burnett, Employment Facilitator

We are pleased to announce that our employment facilitator, Tara Thom Burnett, has received accreditation as a Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) by the British Columbia Career Development Association (BCCDA).

The CCDP designation is a recognized trademark that communicates credibility, a high level of professionalism, and ethical standards, as well as a commitment to continuous professional development. The CCDP certification requires that career practitioners complete at least 25 hours of professional development each year to maintain their certification.

In order to...

On January 23, 2020, Make A Change Canada held a 15th anniversary celebration event in its founding city of Nelson, B.C. To celebrate this milestone, we brought in the Montreal Canadiens Alumni team and formed our very own all-star team, the Kootenay Patricks, to take the ice in support of Make A Change Canada. The event sold out to a crowd of 1,500 and filled the Nelson and District Community Complex to capacity, for a night to live on in the memories of local residents for years come.

A fundraiser of this magnitude required many hands and months of preparation. With more than 150...